Blog post on application analytics

A strong technical marketing content writer is quick and flexible in their abilities. Read about my process in writing this post on application analytics.

Technical book editing and publishing

If you’re writing a technical book, your reviewers help ensure your work is clear, complete, and accurate. But an editor is your first reader and someone you can’t afford to skip in the publishing process. See how editors can play a valuable role in the technical book development process.

Nonprofit branding and promotion

Volunteering is what you put into it and worth every minute in the joy it brings. This video shows a summary of my work in helping to promote a local nonprofit where I served as a board member and volunteer.

B2B blog posts for a services company

Blogging takes commitment. If you’re a business owner, that can be hard when you’re pulled in many directions. A writer can relieve that pressure and help drive more traffic to your website.

School newsletter

For schools that rely on parents for financial support and volunteering, it’s essential to reach them through digital means. See how one school went from paper to PDF to boost awareness of its needs.

Commerce Admin application guide

Technical writing isn’t always as challenging as the term might imply. Sometimes it’s as easy as recording a knowledge exchange and transcribing it into well-written information.

System i Handbook and Builder

Sometimes business demands for information force editing quality to take a back seat. Focusing in on the easy-to-update and essential needs can help to keep some sanity when editing a large project.

Network deployment in a public cloud

Integrated content can go a long way in serving an audience’s learning needs. In this case, the article served as a container for the video. And, the video included a transcript for even greater understanding.

Coding a Brighter Future e-book

Writing a book can be exciting knowing your hard work will be visible to the world. But, it can also be agonizing when you consider the amount of time and effort it takes to complete. If you have the means, hiring a writer can make all the difference.