Write: Self-service Analytics e-book

Make your existing content go farther. Combine it with research that helps to support the need for your product or service. This e-book is a good example of how it works and the value it creates.

Rewrite: DevOps Maturity Article

Do your SMEs need help with articulating their technical genius? WordCrafter helps them connect key points to tell a story that engages audiences and drives action.

Write & Edit: Security Awareness Pillar

Blog posts are informative enough on their own, but when you build them into a pillar page, you create change. See how to create a pillar page from a curated series of blog posts.

Write & Edit: Operational Reports Brochure

New products mean new content. This brochure resulted from merging acquired code with existing code. The copy highlights the value of the new product as a solution for financial teams to automate their operational reporting.

Write & Edit: Data Insights Case Study

This case study was a gold mine of positive customer feedback and valuable results. Plus, it shows how simple structural changes can make content more engaging.

Write & Edit: Emergency Response Case Study

It’s not often that a customer comes forward with their own story about how much they like your product. This case study was created from information that a customer documented about his group’s experience of using embedded analytics.