DevOps Maturity Article

Subject matter experts (SMEs) hold an amazing amount of technical knowledge that organizations thrive one. But for many SMEs, articulating that knowledge for audiences often goes beyond their expertise. Sure, they can put the important points down, but they don’t always have the time or writing skills to create a solid draft. Writers and editors help to bridge this gap by organizing and connecting the information to tell a story that engages audiences and leads them to action.

The following project came to me as a rough draft of technical points that were a goldmine of information. To build a story for this article, I started organizing the information into key topics. Then, I created an outline to guide the topic.

When rewriting the article, I also added value by providing:

  • An informative heading
  • A hook to pull the audience into the article
  • Conversational style to speak to the audience
  • Tone that presents the SME and client as thought leaders
  • Bullet points and highlights to make the information scannable for busy readers
  • Consistent professional writing and editing style

The following PDF shows the final output of the article.

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