Writing Services

Trust your writing needs to a professional writer

You have big thoughts, ideas, and stories you want to write, but you can’t seem to put them into the right words. When you need help transforming your words into writing, you need WordCrafter to get you on your way. I provide a range of writing services from B2B content writing to copywriting to ghostwriting.

To start, I listen to your needs and evaluate where they fit into your big picture. Then, I extract the key ideas, organize them, and turn them into thought-provoking content. With my careful and diplomatic writing approach, you can trust me to deliver clear, measurable results.

Jenifer is an excellent technology writer; her depth of knowledge and experience is evident in her output. She is a team player and formed strong relationships with other colleagues.

~~ Mark E., Content Marketing Manager, insightsoftware

Types of writing services

Choose from the following writing services:

  • B2B content writing for strategic marketing and long-form collateral that builds brand authority.
  • B2B copywriting for short-form marketing needs to generate traffic to your website.
  • Ghostwriting to get the message out when you or your experts are short on time.
  • Technical writing for clear, concrete documentation that’s easy to understand, use and apply.

Content types

My writing services are available for the following types. If you don’t see what you need, just ask.

contentcopytechnical documentsnonfiction
Blog posts
Customer stories & case studies
White papers
Landing pages
Press releases
Social ads, copy, and posts
Web pages
Process docs.
User guides
Business books
Technical books

A writer you can count on

With over 25 years of deep writing experience in B2B, SaaS, and technical marketing, my skills transfer across a myriad of content types and topics. I work with corporate marketing, project management, and stakeholder teams to understand your project goals and determine how to best meet them.

Whether you need long-form or short-form writing, I research the topic with your goals and your audience’s perspective in mind. I translate concepts to build a strategic case that starts with the problem or challenge, describes the need, and highlights the solution. Through careful word crafting, I weave the words into thoughtful, practical, and helpful information in your style, voice, and brand.

As I write, I note areas that can benefit from clarification, more information, and stronger messaging. To ensure the most efficient review process, I’ll send you a clean draft for you to see how the final piece will read.

For your content writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, and other writing needs, choose WordCrafter!

Your work on the blog series has been fantastic! The blogs are averaging around 1000 unique page views each, with an average of 2.5 minutes of time on page, which is inline (slightly above) average traffic and time on page on our blog posts. One significant highlight was that the latest blog post on data lakes shared on [our SME’s] LinkedIn [profile] generated a sales lead! Which is a first directly from a blog post.

~~ Marie A., Content Marketing Manager, Quantexa