Clear content with a focus on customer experience

T.S. Eliot might have been on to something when he declared these famous words: “Some editors are failed writers, but so are most writers.” As a matter of fact, writing and editing (and writers and editors) go together like night and day. They are both parts of the whole and inspiration for magnificence. When you need a writer to help kick start your project or an editor to add the final polish, count on me to provide clear, customer-focused content.

Professional commitment

  • Collaborate with you and your team to understand and help communicate your message.
  • Grasp complex, technical concepts quickly and simplify them for your customers to understand and apply in their own environment. 
  • Write, edit, and proofread technical or marketing communications, putting your customers’ needs first, while spotlighting your company and project objectives.
  • Analyze words and meaning, editing content for clarity, accuracy, and flow, with a focus on the customer experience.
  • Apply consistent style, grammar, spelling, terminology, tone, and voice.
  • Follow company style and branding guidelines, and consult external resources as needed.
  • Coach your subject matter experts on strengthening and sharpening their writing.


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Beyond words

Ghostwriting: Artificial intelligence for healthcare

Ghostwriting by content teams saves subject matter experts time and anxiety when faced with writing about their work. This post highlights an internal blog post I ghostwrote. The internal post uses analogy to create understanding about an IT project.

Clarity in customer notifications

Writing customer notifications isn’t just about the words you use but how you use them. It’s about what you say, why, and how you say it. It’s about meaning, empathy, and the customer experience. See how clarity and empathy can help you achieve the response you need.