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Build credibility, strengthen your brand, and keep audiences coming back for more. Get carefully crafted writing and editing for your B2B, SaaS, technical, and marketing content from WordCrafter.

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Writing Services

  • Create informative content that establishes your brand as a thought leader.
  • Write strategically to meet the information needs of your audience and drive them to action.
  • Publish clear, smooth-flowing content that keeps audiences interested and inspires further interaction on your site and with your brand.

Editing Services

  • Tighten up your B2B technical marketing content to remove wordiness, redundancies, and passive construction.
  • Enhance the clarity, style, and accuracy of your content.
  • Smooth organization and flow to tell a story.
  • Strengthen long-form content for thought leadership.

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Content Consulting

  • Optimize your writing and editing teams to create actionable, audience-first content.
  • Establish consistent practices to strengthen and uphold your brand.
  • Refresh underperforming content to give audiences what they need.
  • Create thought-provoking and engaging B2B technical marketing content that informs and inspires your audience to take action.

Word Crafting That Gets Results

YOU are the freelance find of the century!!! Thank you for your dedication and diligence in improving the quality of our content while working with our writers on improving their skills. … It feels like the best client/freelancer relationships are the ones where you’re learning from each other — you truly are a word crafting wonder 😉

~~ Shannon M., owner of Shine Content Strategy and former Zomentum Fractional CMO

Your work on the blog series has been fantastic! The blogs are averaging around 1000 unique page views each, with an average of 2.5 minutes of time on page, which is inline (slightly above) average traffic and time on page on our blog posts. One significant highlight was that the latest blog post on data lakes shared on [our SMEs] LinkedIn [profile] generated a sales lead! Which is a first directly from a blog post.

~~ Marie A., Content Marketing Manager, Quantexa

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