Editing Services

Polish your writing to look its best

Every content team, even a great one, needs editing services. When you need to sharpen your messaging, present a positive user experience, or polish for clarity, you WordCrafter for the job. Choose from the following categories of editing services.


Fine-tune your marketing content to connect with your audience from their perspective, while keeping messaging, voice, and branding.

Technical editing

Deliver technical information that’s easy to use, understand, and apply, by ensuring it’s clear, consistent, and well-organized.

Translation editing

Polish translated works or work written by people for whom English isn’t their first language to bring meaning and clarity to their words.

Levels of editing services

I offer the following editing services for your content pieces, documentation, and writing:

  • Substantive or development editing for better organized and solid writing to achieve a greater impact
  • Copy editing for smoother and clearer wording, grammar, and writing style
  • Web content reviews to determine if your web content is meeting customer needs
  • Proofreading for last-minute typos, spelling errors, and missing punctuation

Content types

My B2B editing services are available for the following types of written pieces, among others. If you don’t see what you need, just ask.

B2B editing typesTechnical editing types
Blog posts
Case studies
Nurture emails
Press releases
Social media posts
Web pages/sites
White papers
Flow Charts
Printed documentation
Technical articles
Technical papers
Technical books
User Guides

Choose the right editor for your next project!

My reputation is grounded on years of objective, detailed, and thoughtful reviews for many clients from around the world. I built my career on 20 years of B2B editing at IBM and have also worked with teams at Microsoft, Google, and Logi Analytics. My current clients include CybeReady, SpectralOps, and Quantexa.

In addition to my editing experience, I served on the IBM Style Council for several years with like-minded word usage, terminology, and style enthusiasts to define the corporate writing standards. Having a working knowledge of the Chicago Manual of Style, I’m well-versed on and adapt easily to the fundamental writing and editing standardards followed by today’s technology companies.

To see if I’m the best person to edit your high-profile B2B content, set up a free 30-minute consultation, and then let’s chat. We’ll discuss your project overview, set expectations, and plan a preliminary timeline.

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