IBM Redbooks: PowerHA SystemMirror for IBM i Cookbook

If you’re writing a technical book, your reviewers help ensure your work is clear, complete, and accurate. But an editor is your first reader and someone you can’t afford to skip in the publishing process. See how editors can play a valuable role in the technical book development process.

Azure IP Advantage Program FAQ

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) aren’t just to provide information. They provide a bigger picture story around a topic. This FAQ tells the story of a protection program for Azure.

Microsoft HoloLens Partner Page

Editors can provide a consistent look and feel for something as simple as a business directory. In this case, it was a global partner directory for a virtual reality product.

Train, Mentor, and Develop New Talent

Blogging takes commitment. If you’re a business owner, that can be hard when you’re pulled in many directions. A writer can relieve that pressure and help drive more traffic to your website.

Commerce Admin Application Guide

Technical writing isn’t always as challenging as the term might imply. Sometimes it’s as easy as recording a knowledge exchange and transcribing it into well-written information.

System i Handbook and Builder

Sometimes business demands for information force editing quality to take a back seat. Focusing in on the easy-to-update and essential needs can help to keep some sanity when editing a large project.