Edit & Rewrite: Cloud FAQ

My client wanted to gain more trust and buy-in from its customers about a program to protect against intellectual property risks. To help them close this information gap, they created a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs).

The draft I was presented with was one long list of questions. Sure I could edit them, but it wouldn’t be enough to ensure a positive customer experience. As I went through them, I noticed common themes and grouped those together into categories. Within each category, I noticed the order of the questions didn’t have a logical flow. So I reorganized them so that one question would naturally lead to more information about that question or deeper information about the topic. Where possible, I included questions for more information at the end of each group.

The following file shows some of the questions and answers as they appear on the web page. You can also see the categories they were organized into and get a glimpse of the order of the questions within them.