Directory Descriptions

The client I was working with needed a more cohesive look to its global partner directory for its virtual reality product. It had tasked its partners with submitting their own company descriptions for the directory. For the partners that didn’t submit a description, the client needed to write up a description for them.

My task was to review each of the descriptions that were submitted and edit them down to fit a custom character count of about 250 characters. For the most part, I accomplished this with little difficulty. However, as with most technical terms, the longer words made it somewhat challenging to keep the descriptions within the required word count.

In several places, particularly for China and Japan, the descriptions were quite raw compared to the others. They were difficult to understand regarding what the company did. So, I went to the company websites to see if I could make some progress in deciphering the descriptions. For several of them, the only English version that was available was through Google Translate. That helped a little, but I then had to comb several of the web pages to put together a description for the company.

Despite the depths I had to go through for some of the descriptions, I was able to provide a brief and clear profile for each one. As a result of my work, the directory provided a more consistent user experience, making it easier for customers to review the profiles at a quick glance.

Editor’s note: Since this page was published in 2019, updates were made to the directory that aren’t consistent with my edits or the editing standards of the content team I worked with. Some descriptions might have been added, but not edited, by the product team.