Consulting Company Blog Posts

A client contacted me to help her start a blog for her IT consulting business. B2B blogs take commitment and a regular posting cadence of unique topics. When I asked her if this is something she was willing to take on, she agreed.

To start, we came up with relevant topics that we could publish monthly on her website. Our process was simple. We agreed on the topic for the month’s post. Then, we had a telephone chat about it. She could talk about the topic however she wanted, and I’d have questions prepared for when I needed more information. She agreed for me to record the conversation to ensure accuracy in the written post.

After the interview, I did a rough transcription of the call to build the post in a Word document. I used added comments to ask her questions or to clarify points. When I finished the draft, I returned it to her for review. I returned pretty solid drafts to avoid any major rewriting after the first review. For blog posts, my clients get two reviews. For the second review, the client can approve the post “as is” or approve it with minor changes.

As a bonus for this client, for each blog post, I included a social card, a couple of social posts, and a title card for her to use as a title card and for any social media promotion.

Between interviewing the client, writing the posts, reviewing them, and approving them, each post takes about two weeks to complete. Committing to a year-long blogging schedule can be a lot of work, even if you’re not writing the posts. If you’ve committed to a blog by hiring a writer, invest in that writer by being available through the knowledge exchange, reviews, and approvals. The payoff will be worth every view and the increased traffic to your site.

Here are two posts I wrote for this client.