WebSphere Video Post

One of my jobs as managing editor for the hybrid cloud content hub I managed was to find the technical influencers. Vijay was one of them. As our relationship grew, he started to consider how some of his customer demos could serve two purposes: inform the customer and educate others who had a need for this information.

This particular article served as a container to a demonstration video Vijay did about deploying a secured environment in the public cloud using IBM Bluemix. I edited the video in Apple iMovie to include a title slide and a credits slide and then posted the video with a link to the article on YouTube. I also transcribed the video and included a PDF of the transcription with it on YouTube.

This article was among a few that I did where I integrated video into an article. The process was simple in that I needed to call out the problem and then explain how the article and video set out to show the solution.

Editor’s note: IBM developerWorks has since retired the video.