Legacy Data Blog Post

This post is the first one in a series of six posts for a data management company based in the UK. The marketing team provided a well-organized summary of topics that briefly identified the data challenge, the problem with alternative solutions, and the recommended solution. For each post, I interviewed the SME (who agreed to me recording the conversation for accuracy) based on a series of questions specific to the topic. I then reviewed the recording and reorganized the answers into the blog post.

The biggest advantage of this approach is the time the technical expert saved from doing the writing himself. Between our video interview and the draft review, he only spent about an hour of time instead of multiple hours thinking of what to write and then writing it. Plus, the marketing team saved time from having to come up with interview questions, messaging, SEO, and a call to action.

Your work on the blog series has been fantastic! The blogs are averaging around 1000 unique page views each, with an average of 2.5 minutes of time per page, which is inline (slightly above) average traffic & time on page on our blog posts. One significant highlight was that the latest blog post on Data Lakes shared on Dan’s LinkedIn generated a sales lead! Which is a first directly from a blog post.

Marie A., Content Marketing Manager, Quantexa

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