Generative AI e-book

When you come up with new ways to use products, you want to get the word out. One way to do that is to educate your audience about the need for the product, the challenge it addresses, and how it solves it. This ebook does just that. The topic is how to manage data privacy and security in the age of generative artificial intelligence (AI).

I pulled together an outline to tell a story about generative AI adoption, the risks of using it, and how to keep your data safe while taking advantage of generative AI opportunities. I collected information from a couple of published pieces, videos, and documents from our product manager.

Then, I wrote the story to include:

  • The situation (the hype of generative AI)
  • The problem it poses (risks to data privacy and security)
  • The solution (unified data governance)
  • Why the client delivers just what the audience needs (new product)

I worked with the marketing and product management team to finalize the copy. When the draft was approved, it went to design for final layout and publishing.

This e-book will be used to educate and inform prospective clients about the client’s new offering for generative AI. The client will promote it via social channels, email, and events.

The e-book was published by Privacera. It’s currently available online at