Writing Services

Trust your writing needs to a professional writer

You have big ideas that you want to communicate, but you just can’t seem to put those thoughts into words. When you need to write and can’t, you need Jenifer on your team. She provides a range of writing services from technical writing to ghostwriting.

To start, she listens to your needs and evaluates where they fit into your big picture. Then, she extracts the key ideas, organizes them, and turns them into thought-provoking content. With her careful and diplomatic writing approach, you can trust her to deliver clear, measurable results.

Available writing services

Choose from the following writing services for technical information, business documents, web content, and nonfiction:

  • Technical writing: Develop technical content, including blog posts, emails, marketing materials or web content.
  • Business writing: Create new marketing collateral, emails, web content, presentations, scripts, or ads.
  • Blogging: Build traffic to your website about new or updated products or services and eventually to your store (real or virtual).
  • Ghostwriting: Have someone else do the writing under your name.
  • Rewriting: Update existing concepts to make them stronger, more concrete, and easier to understand.

Content types

Jenifer has worked on a variety of content types. Take a look at the following list. If you can’t find what you need, just ask.

Blog posts
Directory descriptions
Social posts
Speaker descriptions
Technical books
Technical papers
Web content

A writer you can trust in

After spending over 25 years of her career in the Technology industry, Jenifer has deep writing experience you can trust in. Although she specializes in a technical information and marketing content, her skills are transferrable across industries.

When starting a new project, she digs deep into the details to determine the most relevant information for your customers. She translates technical concepts into information that’s easy to understand and easy to use. And, she organizes the information in a logical and practical way that makes sense to the audience.

Having also worked with corporate marketing and project management teams, Jenifer collaborates to the fullest to get the work done and do it well. She listens to your needs, goals, and key messages. She builds content by arranging knowledge exchanges with key players and does the necessary research to gather essential information.

Then, she starts assembling all these pieces together, weaving the words into thoughtful, practical, and helpful information in your style, voice, and brand. As she writes, she notes areas that could benefit from clarity or more information. To ensure the most efficient review process, she gets drafts as complete as possible before returning them to you. By doing so, she helps you gain a clearer picture of how the final piece will read. This practice also reduces the amount of additional rewriting and reduces the time to publish.