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Jenifer demonstrates a passion for delivering positive customer experiences through skilled editing and takes everything in stride (even for the most complex projects). Even when presented with tough deadlines, she’s able to deliver on time, and her stakeholders appreciate the great work that she does. She’s an enthusiastic team member and a joy to work with. Glad to have her on the team!
~ G. Desruisseaux, Senior Account Manager, Projectline Services

Jenifer is a strong content strategist, project manager and writer. Her ability to “dog the details” is equaled only by her ability to see the Big Picture—a valuable combination for any employer who seeks to succeed in the marketplace. When you work with Jenifer, expect a brilliant mind, a steady hand, and the kind of creativity that comes along only a few times in a career.
~ J. Herren, Content Discipline Lead, IBM

… Jenifer [is] knowledgeable, thorough and clear when communicating with other writers and her clients. She goes above and beyond when performing her core job and is always helpful to other members of her team. Her work ethic—regardless of location—is very strong… she’ll bring great value to her role no matter where she [is] located.
~ A. Sharp, Marketing Manager, IBM Raleigh

[Jenifer] has done an amazing job as an editor of [my] articles and [has] since become an essential person to bounce ideas off. Without Jenifer, I would not have produced the quality or quantity of articles that have been used around the world.
~ C. Phillips, Hybrid Cloud Consultant, IBM UK

Jenifer has provided an outstanding service as a developerWorks editor. She provided a fast and reliable contact point for authors, offers excellent guidance on article content, detail and accurate editing, timely publication and performs significant promotion activities as well. She also keeps a continued contact with the authors to ensure comments are handled and provides visibility on the readership of articles. I genuinely couldn’t ask for better! 
~ K. Clark, Integration and Process Architect, IBM UK

[Jenifer] excels at creating an encouraging environment that feels like a true team, no matter the size. I trust her as a thoughtful and skilled editor and rely on her valuable experience with social media messaging. Her strengths include nurturing relationships with authors. Jenifer can manage multiple projects at the same time, and she calmly sets goals to balance varied messaging and numerous stakeholder requests. As a team lead, she encourages team members and makes herself available to check in regularly, compare notes about direction, and set common goals. She shares her expertise and creates a welcoming work environment…
~ A. Reinholds, Technical Writer and Editor, IBM Developer

[Jenifer’s] energetic. She’s professional. [She’s] is the perfect colleague because, no matter what the challenges are, she maintains her enthusiasm and says: “Let’s get it done.” … Through good times and bad, she makes me realize that our work should be a source of pride and joy: do your best so that you have something to be proud of at the end of the day. … Jenifer knows how to encourage colleagues when they are down; challenge colleagues when they are in a rut; and cheer them on when they start to ride the wave. … Given her brilliance as a writer, editor, and managing editor, it’s no wonder that Jenifer’s work earns the highest ratings … [and she’s] tapped to provide editorial services to top levels of management.
~ I. Cazers, Editor and Information Developer, IBM Tuscon

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