School newsletter

A local school was having difficulty connecting with parents about its Home and School Association (HSA), through which it coordinated all of its parent volunteer efforts. At the start of each school year, the school secretary would photocopy one sheet for each activity asking for parents to sign up. In addition, a volunteer coordinator would create a mast volunteer form for parents to complete about which activities and events they could help with during the school year. By the time parents collected their children’s class folders, they were inundated with what seemed like a ton of forms to complete and turn in. It was overwhelming and a lot to manage.

I found a newsletter template in Microsoft Word and modified it to fit the school’s colors, branding, and text needs. I then combined all the essential details from the various paper forms, removing the redundant information. The result was the newsletter that is shown in the following PDF. Not only could we print it and place it in the student’s folders, but we could also post it to the school’s web page, to social media, and as an email attachment.