Memoir Editing in Your Voice

Put the perfect finish on your personal story

We all have a story. And, we all have a unique way of telling it in our own voice. How you write your memoir is a style all your own. The best part about memoir writing is that you don’t have to be a professional writer–just a great storyteller. Whether you want to sell your story is up to you. Many people don’t. They only want it to share their story with their family and friends or to promote a cause. So, finish your personal story with WordCrafter’s memoir editing services.

With the rise in people writing memoirs, memoir editing has risen as well. Memoir editing in your voice ensures your story is flawless, smooth flowing, and engaging. And, after all your hard work on your story, you deserve only the best finish on your writing. A memoir editor finds misspellings, duplicate or redundant text, organization, text flow issues, and character mix-ups. They also look at style, grammar, clarity, and complicated sentences.

Choose the right service for your memoir

Jenifer uses just the right touch when editing your memoir to make it your best work:

  • Coaching to help you write the best story you can
  • Developmental edit to help you deepen your story and organize it in a way that keeps your audience wanting to learn more.
  • Content edit to review your manuscript for wording, clarity, consistency, and grammar.
  • Proofread to put the final touches–such as removing duplicate words, correcting spelling and grammar—on your manuscripts before you print or publish it.

Whatever you need to make your memoir its best, Jenifer provides objective reviews with a critical eye. She works with you to keep your voice and style. And, she guides you through the process with her personal commitment to your project.

See examples of life stories

The following memoirs demonstrate Jenifer’s ability to edit your personal story while keeping your voice. Take a look at each example and see if you can tell the author’s unique style.

Start writing your memoir

If you’re thinking about writing a memoir, you need to know which chapter or chapters of your life you want to write about. Then, start writing.

Here are a few resources to help you get started:

As you start writing and you find you need a little coaching along the way, call on WordCrafter for help.

How does your story begin and end?

Let Jenifer edit your memoir for the perfect finish.