Editing Services

Polish your writing to look its best

Every author, even a great one, needs an editor. For that matter, even editors as writers need an editor. But, you don’t want just any editor. You need Jenifer for the job. She offers a range of editing services based on deep experience in business and industry. Her reputation is grounded on years of objective, detailed, and thoughtful reviews for many clients from around the world. So, for your next writing project, trust Jenifer to put the perfect finish on your work.

First, Jenifer meets with you to understand your audience and intent for your content. Second, she reviews your work with your audience and message in mind. She examines your writing for overall flow, organization, clarity, and style. She also suggests ways to strengthen your content. Third and finally, she returns the edited draft to you for review and discussion. With her diplomatic and honest editing approach, she guides you to find the right words for a clear message and a strong impact.

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

Inigo Montoya, The Princess Bride

Basic editing services

Jenifer offers the following editing services for your business content and technical documents:

  • Substantive or development editing for better organized and solid writing to achieve a greater impact
  • Copy editing for smoother and clearer wording, grammar, and writing style
  • Web content reviews to determine if your web content is meeting customer needs
  • Proofreading for last-minute typos, spelling errors, and missing punctuation

Technical editing

Technical editing is specific to technology-related information. Jenifer has over 20 years of experience in editing technical books, e-books, papers, tutorials, tech notes, and marketing content. Working primarily in the IT industry, she has B2B editing expertise in the following content areas.

Artificial intelligence (AI)
Business process management
Cloud computing
Computer science
Data analytics
Data science
Hybrid cloud
Internet of Things (IoT)
Machine learning
Medical technology
Open source
Virtual reality (VR)

In addition, she has edited and is familiar with the following technical topics.

Agile development
Application programming
interfaces (APIs)
Medical devices
Monolithic applications
Single sign-on (SSO)

If you don’t see a particular topic, ask about it.

Spanish translation editing

It’s one thing to have your writing translated; it’s another thing to have it edited. Translation refers to the practice of adapting one language to another. But, not all languages translate word for word to another language. As a result, the meaning can sometimes become lost in translation. This often happens when the translator doesn’t understand the related terminology.

Jenifer takes your document one step beyond translation to offer Spanish translation editing. She reviews your translated documents for consistency, clarity, grammar, and style. At the same time, she ensures the words mean the same in English as the original Spanish version. And, if you need to enhance your audience’s experience? Jenifer can suggest ways to strengthen your writing for greater impact.

English as a second language (ESL) editing

Knowing another language or several languages is a gift. It’s a talent that not just anyone can do. Even more impressive is the ability to write in those languages. But, regardless of whether you have a strong command of the language you are writing in, you always need an editor.

An editor checks terminology, word usage, spelling, and overall clarity. For example, you don’t want to tell someone about a “new lounge” when you meant to write a “new lung.” Knowing the right words and spelling them correctly means everything when connecting with your audience.

Having worked with many brilliant authors around the world, Jenifer has a solid background in editing the works of non-native English speakers. As a result of this experience, she knows how to interpret the meaning of the original work and asks pointed questions to bring out the intended meaning. Plus, she can organize your words and sentences so they flow smoothly and succinctly.