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Creating a web presence and content strategy can be overwhelming. Where do you start? Your website is a good place, or maybe a Facebook page is good enough until you get your website going. Regardless, the words you use to describe your business and connect with your audience, whether on your website or social media, go beyond the computer screen. It’s the meaning and presentation of those words. (Heaven forbid any typos, spelling and grammar errors, or inconsistencies!) Your overall content strategy pulls together your website and social media pages, binding them together with your overall brand, to best represent your business to your customers and future customers.

Content strategy services

You need to focus on what you do best–your business. Let someone else handle the content strategy for you. I can review your website to make sure that it reads smoothly, is consistent from page to page, and calls your audience to action. Then, I can help you leverage your website by curating social media messages based specific web pages about your products and services. I can also write blog posts with corresponding social media posts to help drive traffic to your site.

Handling social media on your own can be a major time sink. Allocate that time to serving your customers, and let me take care of the content strategy side. I can write and schedule all your social posts and tweets, or I can just do the writing and let you take care of the posting. Plus, I can gather basic social metrics from the social platforms and report them back to you.

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