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Every writer, even a great one, needs a dedicated content editor.

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When you’ve invested in, labored over, and maybe even struggled with your writing, you don’t want just anyone to handle the editing. You want an experienced and strategic content editor you can trust to make sure your writing sounds its best. That’s where I come in.

A collaborative partner and diplomatic reviewer

With over 20 years of editing experience, I  work with you through the editing process to mold and fine-tune your writing, strengthen your overall message, and advocate for your audience by:

  • Listening to your needs and maintaining your style and voice in the edited version
  • Checking for ambiguities, redundancies, organization, flow, and overall clarity
  • Applying consistent style and grammar
  • Ensuring your words flow clearly, get to the point, and tell your story
  • Providing options to address conflicting text and suggestions to improve your writing
  • Ensuring a smooth process and successful outcome

An experienced and strategic editor

I specialize in business, marketing, and technical communication, stemming from a long, successful career in the IT industry. The types of documents I’ve worked on range from large technical books, ebooks, and process guides to blog posts, technical tutorials, web-based content, and more. My flexibility and adaptability in handling a variety of topics and document types enable me to see the big-picture view of your project and achieve your editing goals. Here’s an overview of what I offer:

  • Content editor.  With a focus on the essentials of editing, I review your writing for clarity,  flow, organization, redundancies, unnecessary words, grammar, style, spelling grammar, and more.
  • Business editor.  In addition to content editing, I help connect your message to your user for engaging content, factoring in search engine optimization (SEO) and calls to action. I have worked on content that targets developer audiences, technical specialists, product managers, and C-suite executives.
  • Technology editor.  Again, building on content editing, I look for areas that might be confusing to your audience or require further explanation or clarification.  My content experience includes cloud computing, machine learning, medical devices, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), open source, security, data analytics, software, and hardware topics.

More specifically, I offer the following editorial services:

I’ve edited books, ebooks, blog posts, websites, and various marketing materials. Take a look at a few samples of my work below.

Samples of my work

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